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The lyrics submission form will now fix some minor spelling errors (like missing apostrophes in contractions) and will capitalize the first letter of each line. Also added a field to keep track of users who submit lyrics.
"We are electric, made of finest technic. No kind of dream, an unbeatable team."

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So you're probably wondering what the hell is going on. In 2010, after a number of issues arose outside of the site, I decided to step back from There was always the intention of returning to it once things quieted down. Unfortunately, this hiatus lasted much longer than I had ever intended.

Here's the plan: I have implemented a fairly simple lyrics submission form. The idea is to see what kind of response there is, and to tweak the submission process accordingly. At the moment, it is only possible to submit one song at a time for a band which is already present in the database. As I analize the submission process I will add more controls to allow users to submit multiple songs at once and add new bands. Eventually I would like to automate the submission process to the point that my continued input is no longer needed in order for the website to grow. This mechanizim will guard the site against stagnation and allow it to continue to serve the goth/industrial community.


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